Water filters, reverse osmosis and water softener systems with a lower price guarantee!

These are φιλτρα νερου  that remove from the water:

a) free chlorine

b) water chlorination derivatives

c) pesticides and chemical compounds

d) organic substances responsible for the unpleasant odor of water

e) salts, hardness and heavy metals

e) toxic organic substances, such as solvents, etc.

Αντιστροφη οσμωση with PLC + (Double In-out TDS meter) and membrane 100GPD, is recommended in water that is not chlorinated and especially in areas where there are many salts and heavy metals and chlorination is not done systematically.

Also available in a αποσκληρυντης νερου, water softener filter system, in various sizes and configurations up to a complete reverse osmosis system with UV lamp, also in various sizes and configurations.

We also trade a wide range of water treatment products such as: spare water filters ανταλλακτικα φιλτρα νερου , reverse osmosis spare parts  ανταλλακτικα αντιστροφης οσμωσης, ozone generators γεννητριες οζον etc.